Having actively and proudly served our Industry, being elected twice at Esomar Council as a Member, I am standing for Vice Presidency, strongly motivated to keep moving forward and using my experience for a new term.

Over the last 4 years of Council, through the ambitious Esomar Growth Strategy Plan, we have set directions to solve some big challenges and we have reached significant goals. This consistent strategy was implemented to strengthen our Community and to achieve key initiatives such as the new Code endorsed by many local associations globally and a plan focused on new stakeholders (Youth, End-clients, Data & Analytics players) which enabled us to reach 6,000 + Members, being the truly “global voice of data &insights community”.

However, we still need to maintain our efforts and to reinforce our Community to adapt to the evolving and highly complex system in which our Profession and of our Industry are operating.

Therefore, my plan for this term as Vice President, in partnership with the new elected President and team is stated in the following principles:

Objective: being recognized as the hub for data & insights-driven organisations locally and globally, for our Members, our Industry and beyond.

Positioning: “The Leading Global Community for Insights & Analytics to drive business”.

Priorities, articulated around 3 key pillars, EVIDENCE, RELEVANCE, AUTHORITY:

– Elevating our profession, demonstrating its value and thought leadership with existing and emerging innovative players

– Offering more obvious and relevant business opportunities and  connections

– Promoting the goodness of Data & Insights and protecting our industry, maintaining our authority and professionalism.

I will keep working hard with the newly elected team and Esomar staff to help making our Industry stronger, to promote and support our Values, and making sure that we are well-represented and safeguarded.

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I am the founder & owner of Blue Lemon, a boutique agency created in 2007. I help companies to grow their market size and position through brand empowerment, customer-inspired innovation and product development.

Through my understanding and experience in branding and innovation, I help companies to reinforce their brand and how they articulate to their product and services, successfully launch new products and optimise their product portfolio’s. I bridge the gap between powerful product ideas and execution, and so help you to make the right decisions.

Former Esomar Council Member (2015-2021), Esomar Treasurer, Speaker & Thought Leader, I put my thinking and energy to shape the future of the Insights & Analytics Industry.