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Every year in September, ESOMAR, the Global Insights and Analytics Association organizes its annual event, gathering its members and non members from all around the globe, with presentations, exhibitions, workshops and meetings. For the first time since 2019 and after three long years of digital conferences, we could finally meet one-to-one in Toronto, Canada, to […]

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Edinburgh, Scotland, September 2019 Last week ESOMAR organized its Annual Summit, gathering 1, 000 data & insight professionals from 70 countries. The perfect place to share knowledge, to get inspiration, and for business networking. I have been a regular attendee of ESOMAR events and to be honest this one was a huge success! The week […]

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Lagos, Nigeria, 16th & 17th April 2019 The AMRA – African Market Research Association – organized its annual conference in Lagos, Nigeria in partnership with Esomar. I was honored to be received by the AMRA and the African Community to discuss data & insight in Africa. Thank you for your warm welcome and your involvement […]

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Publication – Association for Qualitative Research AQR I believe this, the 21st conference, was one of the best. With its light touch workflow, high quality papers and keynote speakers, its friendly and warm atmosphere, I was pleased to see, hear, and share in, the very positive reactions from all the delegates. We were inspired and […]

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I am the founder & owner of Blue Lemon, a boutique agency created in 2007. I help companies to grow their market size and position through brand empowerment, customer-inspired innovation and product development.

Through my understanding and experience in branding and innovation, I help companies to reinforce their brand and how they articulate to their product and services, successfully launch new products and optimise their product portfolio’s. I bridge the gap between powerful product ideas and execution, and so help you to make the right decisions.

Former Esomar Council Member (2015-2021), Esomar Treasurer, Speaker & Thought Leader, I put my thinking and energy to shape the future of the Insights & Analytics Industry.